Popular Questions

  •   what is the use of shaped icon "coverage" on the top right of eyeOS?

    The "coverage" icon in the upper right side of eyeOS indicates the quality of the connection with the eyeOS server and used to determine if the connection is enough to provide a satisfactory user experience. 

  •   How can I delete my acount?

    To delete your account , you should contact the support department "support@open365.io " and request deletion of the account from the email you registered and your username

  •    How can I manage my open365 account on my devices?

     To manage your Open365 account on your devices you should know that it is a SMTP account. The settings are :


    SMTP: cloud.open365.io

    IMAP: cloud.open365.io

    USERNAME: your open365 username (example@open365.io)   





  •   What's the Personal Wiki?

    The Personal Wiki is a section where you can create your own knowledge base and share it.

    To create your Personal Wiki you have to click on the gear next to “Personal” and activate the “Personal Wiki” option. 

    Automatically a new library will be created where all your added pages will be stored. 

    You can share the Personal Wiki the same way as any other library. 

  •   ¿Open365 is exactly the same on PC, Mac and mobile devices?

    Open is designed to work best in each platform and specific devices, so that the appearance may vary.

  •   I can't login in

    Check if your username and password are spelled correctly and the Caps Lock key is not pressed.If the problem persists please contact the support department with  FORUM.

  •   Why my printer is not listed?

    Open365 can print with the printers configured on your computer. If some printer not appears in the list, It means you do not have the installed printer. If the printer is not configured on your computer, it will not appear in the list of printers on eyeOS.

  •   How can I delete my Open365 account?

    For the moment, to delete your account from the platform is not possible. If you want to delete it,  contact us from the email you used to register to support@open365.io asking to delete your account. Please add your Open365 account (example@open365.io).

  •   How I can print?

    eyeOS can print to printers configured on the computer. If a printer is not listed, it means that you have no printer installed. If the printer is not configured on your computer, it will not appear in the printer list in eyeOS.

  •   ¿Can I share a link to a file for external users to the platform?

    Open365  allow share files by creating a link that you can send to others so they can download the file. You can generate a link and send file via email, chat or any other means.